Cleo Wattenstrom is a well known tattoo artist known globally in the industry.  Her passion and talents as an artist were soon recognized when she began an apprenticeship at the age of 14 in Stockholm, Sweden. Her roots are from Sweden and Ethiopia, but she was born in Belgium, and from there traveled around the world with her parents before settling down for a few years in Sweden as a teenager. Cleo is greatly inspired by all different forms of art, especially old black and white photography/films which has had an impact on her particular style.

Focusing mainly in detailed black and grey work, her sought-after style has brought Wattenstrom around the world where she has been featured in some of the most prestigious tattoo conventions internationally.

Wattenstrom has also gained international fame as a successful model within the industry, where she has been featured on the cover of various magazines and Swedish television shows.

In recent years, she has relocated to the US working out of some of the best tattoo shops in Southern California.

Cleo typically conceptualizes all of her tattoos with each client in mind to ensure that every piece is one of a kind.  Cleo lives and works out of Venice, CA, but spends a few months out of the year traveling internationally. The best way to stay updated on Cleos travel dates is via Instagram.